The Story of My Life


Hello (in ten different languages!)

My life: Imagine eighteen people stuffed inside a sardine container, and the only way out is to open it from the outside. Then imagine a volcano and a fluffy bunny exploding from within the container (in a nonviolent way please, there are children)! Someone’s crying while the other is laughing! The tv is on, and everyone wants to watch something different from each other! The food is good, but the little kids don’t have the right taste things on their tongue for it!


My life…is an interesting story, as should all stories be about oneself. If yours is not, or rather, if you don’t think it is, give me a call and we can twist your life–I mean–make it sound interesting. But seeing as I don’t have a cell phone of my own, I’ll leave it up to you to define your destiny.

I can’t exactly tell you who I am, that’s something you’ll decide despite what I tell you of me. What I can tell you is my own opinion of myself, and even then, that opinion will differ with every situation and obstacle that will come my way. I only hope to continue to grow instead of stagger (I’ve got the mo0oOOooves like stagger).

My life is a mixture of faith, doubt, love, absolute anger and hate, big dreams and in realizing that to be who you want to be is a walk only you can buy the shoes for. But what you’ll find in the end, is that you’ve had the shoes on all along, you’ve just needed to take those first steps…

Enjoy (I’m trying to as well). After all, life is literally and seriously what you (I) think of it.

–Caroline Zina Crapse


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