Makeup your mind

Everyone has their own idea and purpose for makeup, whether ye be male or female, bad guy or good guy…animals too. Some people look to makeup to hide, others use it to accentuate their beauty (men?), or they may wear it because they think they’re ugly without it.

For me, makeup is art, I feel just as happy as I do with makeup as I do without–regardless of how people treat me one way or the other, doesn’t matter to me!…okay that one time the guy opened the door for me at McDonald’s and was all like: “Mm-hmmmmm, you smell goooood!” I blushed…and I also had my sister with me so I guess that ones a mystery.

In all honestly, under the skin is where the true makeover determines how the outer makeover will turn out. I know the whole inner beauty thing is thrown around willy-nilly, but inner beauty is so simple, it’s how you think about yourself. What you think of yourself. Whenever I thought I was ugly, it brought me down, but I would remind myself that I was just being honest and halting any pain that would come if I didn’t face this fact now. I was labeling myself, I thought I was figuring myself out and deciding who I was. But there was something about this attitude, the fact is, it’s a defeatist attitude. Why do I care if I’m pretty or not? My body is just something to drive this soul around! But it’s actually this attitude that bothers me more. I’m grateful for my body! Bodies are great and beauty is subjective.

Beauty is so subjective, it’s not even funny.

…that point is so important that it gets it’s own paragraph.

Makeup does not make you beautiful, you make you beautiful. Makeup can’t make you smile, your muscles do that. Makeup can’t make your eyes sparkle, your spirit does that. Whether you’re wearing it or not, don’t worry about what makeup says about you, you makeup what you say about you. Whether you like it or not (or love it!) you are an influence, people are watching.

–Caroline Zina Crapse

P.S. I know after that McDonald’s story you’re wandering what I look like with makeup and without, so I put a before and after in there just for kicks and giggles.






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