If I had to sum up myself in one word it would be:


It’s a new word, recently added to the Nonexistent Dictionary of Absurd Phrases and Clauses. I wouldn’t suggest reading it because you can basically get all of that kind of knowledge from a five year old.

(time to get serious!)

I really do love art and what I can bring to the world with it, I’ve literally been an artist since before I can remember. I love writing and have written multiple short stories and…still working on a novel. I love food, and I think I’m pretty good at making popcorn and top ramen noodles. This blog is about those three things, and my take on them and what they mean to me in my life.

As for my looks, think of the best looking actress you can think of…then switch her head with Will Ferrell’s.

–Caroline Zina




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