Makeup your mind

Everyone has their own idea and purpose for makeup, whether ye be male or female, bad guy or good guy…animals too. Some people look to makeup to hide, others use it to accentuate their beauty (men?), or they may wear it because they think they’re ugly without it.

For me, makeup is art, I feel just as happy as I do with makeup as I do without–regardless of how people treat me one way or the other, doesn’t matter to me!…okay that one time the guy opened the door for me at McDonald’s and was all like: “Mm-hmmmmm, you smell goooood!” I blushed…and I also had my sister with me so I guess that ones a mystery.

In all honestly, under the skin is where the true makeover determines how the outer makeover will turn out. I know the whole inner beauty thing is thrown around willy-nilly, but inner beauty is so simple, it’s how you think about yourself. What you think of yourself. Whenever I thought I was ugly, it brought me down, but I would remind myself that I was just being honest and halting any pain that would come if I didn’t face this fact now. I was labeling myself, I thought I was figuring myself out and deciding who I was. But there was something about this attitude, the fact is, it’s a defeatist attitude. Why do I care if I’m pretty or not? My body is just something to drive this soul around! But it’s actually this attitude that bothers me more. I’m grateful for my body! Bodies are great and beauty is subjective.

Beauty is so subjective, it’s not even funny.

…that point is so important that it gets it’s own paragraph.

Makeup does not make you beautiful, you make you beautiful. Makeup can’t make you smile, your muscles do that. Makeup can’t make your eyes sparkle, your spirit does that. Whether you’re wearing it or not, don’t worry about what makeup says about you, you makeup what you say about you. Whether you like it or not (or love it!) you are an influence, people are watching.

–Caroline Zina Crapse

P.S. I know after that McDonald’s story you’re wandering what I look like with makeup and without, so I put a before and after in there just for kicks and giggles.






Don’t Envy the Subway Prince

prince sandwich


One of my top five foods in the whole world is sandwiches! I just love fresh french bread, filled to the brim with turkey and flavorful favorites like…mustard and mayonnaise–and lettuce!

One day, at lunch time, I was CRAVING a subway sandwich! Honestly though, when it comes to even the thought of eating a food I’m desiring in that moment, I feel instant insanity, and a hidden will to do anything to get it! And just like that, my sisters Hannah, Emily and I, jumped out to the car to drive downtown to meet our tasty fate!

When we arrived at our desired destination, Emily stayed in the car as Hannah and I went into the restaurant. The moment we stepped in, my sister and I were met by beautiful blue eyes and thick blond hair, with the ends curling flirtatiously from out of his hat.

“What Sandwich would you like, fair maidens?” He asked us, in a chocolatey-milky deep voice.

I let my sister have the man for this moment, mostly because I could see that sparkle in her eyes when she met his, and the way she smiled and told him she wanted the chicken and bacon ranch melt $6 combo. Also I knew it would make her day if a prince made her sandwich for her. Hannah and the Prince talked as he scooped a wealthy amount of chicken onto her crispy Italian bread and moved down the bar of fresh foods and friendly conversation.

I stepped up after Hannah to meet with the employee that would make my day…brown eyes, glasses, and non-maleness. It wasn’t her glasses or brown hair, or the fact that she wasn’t my type, but her lack of spark and interest in me. I ordered the same sandwich as my sister and watched with an itch in my attention as she scooped up, or shall I say pecked at, a few pieces of chicken, to plop on my stale Italian bread.

In the middle of the bread decorating, Hannah and I remembered that we wanted turkey on our sandwiches! So, upon our request, Hannah’s prince leaped valiantly over the bar to grab the meet from the far distance! I watched with a watering mouth as he carefully and quickly organized five glorious pieces of turkey across the fresh land of cooked dough.

I eagerly awaited the show that would commence with my turkey…instead I was only allowed two pieces, placed in an unfriendly–and unappetizing manner. I didn’t correct, or ask for anything different. I let her finish my sandwich–glaring at her with my ever darkening countenance…that brown hair…those glasses…if only she had devil horns and a demons tale to warn me of what she really was.

After we had finished paying for our food, and we ran out to the car, I told my older (wise) sister Emily of the horror story and skimpy way of filling my sandwich!

“Why didn’t you ask her to add more?” she said.

…dumb…the truth was, I didn’t feel like I could really say anything, because for some reason I felt that would be rude, especially since I hadn’t made any friendly conversation with the employee since entering the restaurant. I instead, envied my sisters server, her prince.

My older (wiser) sister Emily than said. “It’s not like you not to speak up.”

WOW! It was true! I felt like I had betrayed the kind of person I was by not speaking up about something that meant a lot to me–really, food means a lot to me. And that’s when I learned that the evil brown-haired-glasses-demon-girl, was only a demon through the fact that I didn’t put any participation in the situation. When all she was in reality, was a normal girl, just like me, just doing her job.

The experience was how I made it, for the lack of not speaking up. And in short, don’t envy the other person’s prince, they’re a normal person–just like the one in front of you, with glasses, tangled brown hair, and a demon tail.

–Caroline Zina Crapse

The Story of My Life


Hello (in ten different languages!)

My life: Imagine eighteen people stuffed inside a sardine container, and the only way out is to open it from the outside. Then imagine a volcano and a fluffy bunny exploding from within the container (in a nonviolent way please, there are children)! Someone’s crying while the other is laughing! The tv is on, and everyone wants to watch something different from each other! The food is good, but the little kids don’t have the right taste things on their tongue for it!


My life…is an interesting story, as should all stories be about oneself. If yours is not, or rather, if you don’t think it is, give me a call and we can twist your life–I mean–make it sound interesting. But seeing as I don’t have a cell phone of my own, I’ll leave it up to you to define your destiny.

I can’t exactly tell you who I am, that’s something you’ll decide despite what I tell you of me. What I can tell you is my own opinion of myself, and even then, that opinion will differ with every situation and obstacle that will come my way. I only hope to continue to grow instead of stagger (I’ve got the mo0oOOooves like stagger).

My life is a mixture of faith, doubt, love, absolute anger and hate, big dreams and in realizing that to be who you want to be is a walk only you can buy the shoes for. But what you’ll find in the end, is that you’ve had the shoes on all along, you’ve just needed to take those first steps…

Enjoy (I’m trying to as well). After all, life is literally and seriously what you (I) think of it.

–Caroline Zina Crapse